Frank Perna
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Frank Perna  A.O.C.A    I.A.T.S.E 873

2014 The Strain (TV) Sculpture Scenic Painting

2014 Pay the Ghost (TV) Sculpture, Scenic Painting

2013 The Strain (TV) Assissant Scenic Artist, Sculpture Scenic Painting

Silent Hill 2 (Feature)  Assistant Scenic , Sculpture, Scenic Painting
Dreamhouse (Feature) Assistant scenic, 
Illustrations for Art Department
Falling Skies (T.V.) Mural, Sculpture
The Thing (Feature) Sculpture, Scenic Painting
Red (Feature)    

Degrassi (T.V.) Illustrations 
Being Erica (T.V.)  Scenic Painting, Storyboard
Saw 6  (Feature) Assistant Scenic, Paintings on Canvas
The Bridge (T.V.)  Scenic Painting
Happy Town  Scenic Painting
Scott Pilgrim (Feature) Scenic Painting, Sculpture
Resident Evil 4 (Feature)  Scenic Painting
Devil (Feature)  Scenic Painting
Red (Feature)  Scenic Painting
Made (Feature)  Scenic Painting
Dreamhouse (Feature)  Scenic Painting,Illustrations

Saw 5 (Feature) Assistant Scenic
Amelia (Feature) Paintings on Canvas
Degrassi (T.V.) Illustration 
All Saints Day             
The Session  (T.V.)  

Saw 4 (Feature) Assistant Scenic
The Hulk (Feature) Scenic Painting
The Gathering 
The Love Guru (Feature)  Scenic Painting
The Rocker (Feature) Scenic Painting
Time Travellers Wife  (Feature)  Backdrop 

Jumper (Feature) Scenic Sculpture, Illustrations
Larse and The Real Girl (Feature)  Scenic Painting
The Company
Talk to Me
American Pie  (Feature)  
Charlie Bartlett
Runaway 06, 07
The Way

Cheaper by the Dozen (Feature) Scenic Painting, Illustrations
Silent Hill  (Feature) Scenic Painting
Beautiful People  (T.V.)  Paintings on Canvas
Degrassi (T.V.)   Illustrations
Skinwalkers (Feature) Assistant Scenic ,
Sixteen Blocks (Feature) Scenic Painting
Take the Lead   (Feature) Scenic Painting
Centralia   (T.V.) Scenic Painting
CPI  (T.V.) Scenic Painting 

History of violence (Feature) Scenic Painting
Assault on Precinct 13 (Feature) Scenic Painting
Dark Water (Feature) Scenic Painting
Cinderella Man (Feature) Scenic Painting
The Pacifier (Feature) Scenic Painting
The Man (Feature) Scenic Painting
Samantha (T.V.) Scenic Painting
Ricochet (T.V.) Scenic Painting
The Grid (T.V.) Scenic Painting
Mothers Gift (T.V.) Scenic Painting
Ice Princess (T.V.) Scenic Painting
1-800 Missing (T.V.) Scenic Painting
 Doc (T.V.) Scenic Painting

Loser (Feature) Scenic Painting
Chicago (Feature) Scenic Painting
Witchblade (T.V.) Scenic Painting, Paintings on Canvas, Backdrops, Mural
Eloise (Feature) Scenic Painting
Prince Charming (T.V.) Scenic Art, Backdrops, Paintings on Canvas
John Q (Feature) Scenic Painting 
Dawn of the Dead (Feature) Scenic Painting

Inspired by Bach (T.V.) Paintings on Canvas
Pooch and the Pauper (T.V.) Paintings on Canvas
Torre (T.V.) Backdrops   
Rude (Feature) Mural
Superstar (Feature) Scenic Artist  


Commercials for Hot Sets, Setworks:
Altimira, Amnesty International, Ameritech, Aquafresh, Bell, Bounty, Cadbury, 
Canada Savings Bonds, Cantel, Chrysler, Coke, Crispy Crunch, Dristan, Eatons, Ford, Galoob, Glade, GM, Home Hardware, Hyundai, Innistill, Ivory, Jacada, Kellogs, Kraft, Labatts, Levis, Lubriderm, Miller, Miller Light, Molsons, Nissan, Old English, Pampers, Panasonic, Pantene, Petro Canada, Pert, Pizza Hut, Quaker Oats, Robitissum, Rogers Cable, Stratford Festival, Shoppers Drug Mart, Scott Tissue, Vicks, Wisk, Zest    

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