Frank Perna
Money Trails Series 2004
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Money Trails
Oil Paintings on wood

These art works were exhibited at the Noho Gallery
in Chelsea from March 15th to April 2nd 2005
530 West 25th Street, 4th Floor, New York

Artist Frank Perna presents a series of representational paintings of scenes from international stock exchange floors.   Perna's photo referenced pop-art paintings depict crowd scenes of the frenetic activity of brightly suited teams of stock market traders.   These images, culled from photojournalist sources, represent a freeze frame from the onslaught of visual commercial media.  The reframed images express movement varying from glacial suspension to high velocity hustle.

Popular media can make the most banal subject into a sensual abstraction.  Blurry photography that would have been considered unprofessional in the world of advertising and popular media in the past is now commonly used in expressing today's fast paced society.

All of the paintings are approximately 12"x16", oil on wood. This group of paintings is a continuation of the Obsession series, exhibited in 2002 at Gallery 1313 and at the Joseph D. Carrier Gallery in 2003, in the sense that they both depict crowd scenes of collective ecstasy and collective insanity.  The Obsession series featured random arrangements of figurative trophies painted from soft focus blurry photo-references that suggest a questioning of visual perception and materialistic chaos.

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